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Barcamp on the topic of movement in the ABC, July 4th to 7th 2019

What do you think about when you hear the word movement? About sports? About speed? About change? About a political movement?

Come to the movement barcamp in the ABC Hüll. Sports, exercise and movement are the focus of our barcamp. Topics like getting to know or teaching sports, the cinematic accompaniment of movement with the GoPro, discussing the possibilities of sports, the importance of keeping your mind moving or getting the society in movement… No matter where you come from, what language you speak, whether you are old or young, have sports or filming experience or not – we are happy to welcome you.

The Barcamp wants to appeal to all sorts of people with their interests in sports, physical activity and film: Whether young or old, enthusiastic about sports or an expert in sports, more interested in performance and body experience or body awareness, if you fancy a cinematic action clip or a classic documentation format – the barcamp offers the opportunity to try out, learn, discuss and broaden your understanding of movement with lots of different people.

What is going to happen is up to you! This can be a classical training offer, a spontaneous (dance) jam or to trying something out together, to discuss something, or to present something. The course and the contents of the barcamp are planned together day by day. You can just suggest content, formats, etc. or just look what others suggest and what might interest you. Anything that interests people can be implemented.

The barcamp offers a space to train, research, try, play, teach each other, learn from each other, develop ideas and, by the way, have fun in a large group of people!


What is a Barcamp?

For Barcamps people come together for a weekend (or just a day) to learn, talk and socialize with each other. BarCamps, also called „Un-conference“, have established themselves as an event format for a few years. For example there are Educamps, Gamescamps, Foodcampsand in the ABC since eight years also the JugendPolitCamp.

Every morning the participants plan the day together – there is no one who determines the program. So everyone can actively contribute and offer so-called Sessions.

You are welcome to enter your ideas and wishes for the barcamp in advance here. On site, the topics are then included in the planning. 



  • All people between the age of 14 and 99 who seek exchange and networking for exciting media, sports and educational projects
  • Young people from projects of the ABC and our cooperation partners: SHIFT IT, Connecting, Hotel California / Big Earth, Remembering,, „Film. Sprache. Politik.“, Alles auf Anfang, Adamstown and many more
  • Adults with different backgrounds: (media) educators, sports educators, trainers in sports clubs, volunteers, filmmakers, multipliers


Participation fee: 10€, inclucing accommodation in shared rooms and full boarding


Location: ABC Bildungs- und Tagungszentrum in Drochtersen-Hüll near Hamburg / Stade


Beginning 18.30h on Thursday 4.7.2019, end 14.30h on Sunday, 7.7.2019. We organize shuttles between Himmelpforten (HVV-Gesamtbereich) and Hüll.

Participation on single days is possible if you cannot take part the whole time.